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Our Vending Machines

If you are looking for something that needs a pocket full or quarters, look elsewhere! 

Our vending machines are smart, tech-driven, energy efficient,  and easy to use. With cashless options, you'll never be scraping for change again!

Keurig Machines

We offer a wide range of commercial Keurig Machines. Whehter your office has 10 people, or 200 coffee-hungry employees, we have the perfect Keurig Machine for you.

ShelfX Cashless Vending

ShelfX accepts credit, debit, mobile, and reload-able NFC Xcard payments. Optional payment methods include fingerprint and facial recognition. Your employees simply swipe and choose. What could be easier?

Lavit Water Coolers

Lavit turns water int wonder! At the touch of a button, you can choose from chilled, filtered still or sparkling water & delicious better-for-you beverages. With Lavit by Kenoza Vending, you can customize your drink your way. Try it still or try it sparkling. That’s refreshingly personal!

Soda Machines & Vending Machines

Traditional soda and vending machines have come a long way. Now cashless, they are more energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing than ever before.

Vertex Water Coolers

Vertex is well-known for its innovative PureWaterCooler line of bottleless water coolers. These water coolers use standard or reverse osmosis filtration to provide low-cost filtered water. Kenoza Vending installs the system and it provides a continuous flow of pure, filtered water.

Traditional Coffee Machines

The mainstay of breakrooms for decades, Kenoza Vending offers traditional coffee machines at a stunningly low price point. We all know that readily available coffee increases employee productivity! 

Borg & Overström Water Coolers

These elegant water coolers flourish in all
environments – from boardroom to sports
hall. Its compact size, large dispense area
and flexible water options position it as the
premium direct-chill refreshment solution.

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